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Food Photography - it's more than just pictures

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

It surprises me to see that many restaurants choose to post, on their Social Media accounts, photos of their dishes taken by their cell phones and are of very poor quality. Now I’m not talking about those photos taken by the restaurants’ customers, but I mean the photos of dishes that the restaurant wants to promote. The saying goes ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. To lure the customer to the restaurant the customer must first have a desire to do so. More and more customers want to see pictures of dishes before they decide what restaurant to go to or what to order. If they find a dish that is mouth watering then there is a high chance that that would lure them to the restaurant.

Now to make a dish look attractive to a customer its photo must be of a professional quality. Firstly, the subject must be lit properly giving it a certain mood that matches the type of dish, i.e. breakfast photos are better if they have a fresh and bright mood, and dinner photos are better if they have a warm evening mood, and so on.

Secondly, the colours in the photos must exactly match those of the actual food. Wrong colours will make the food look like it may have gone bad and unsuitable for eating - imagine what impact that will have on the reputation of the restaurant.

Thirdly, the presentation of the dish must be pleasing to the customer’s eye. Customers are more likely to choose a dish that is beautifully or well presented and the ingredients clearly visible. A poorly presented dish will not attract the customer. Now presentation also depends on the purpose of the photo, i.e. is it for a printed menu, or an online ordering application, or to promote/advertise the dish? How the dish is presented differs in each of those cases. For instance, for online ordering applications, it is important that all attention goes to the actual dish and not to have anything around it, while to advertise and promote the dish it is important that the photo presents the dish in a certain and matching atmosphere but with the focus and attention on the actual dish itself.

Some restaurant owners and managers may think it is expensive to have the dishes professionally photographed but think of it as an investment with high returns - professional quality photographs will drive sales.

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